Saturday, 2 June 2012

My New Regular Day

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So what used to be a 'regular' day for me, involved:

  • Getting ready for the day
  • Walking down the hill to Queensgate mall
  • Catching a bus to work
  • Working
  • Catching a bus to wherever
  • Do whatever I had planned (or adlib'd) for the rest of the day.
Now, a 'regular' day has turned into:

  • Getting ready for the morning
  • Walking down the hill to Queensgate mall
  • Catching a bus to the hospital
  • Have my daily appointment
  • Catching a bus back to Queensgate then home
  • Do whatever I want for the rest of the day
So not only does it suck to have cancer, it's also boring. The day mostly comprises of researching (which means reading, ugh) of reports, general information, operation techniques, post-op care etc etc etc. I don't know if you realise, but I dislike reading. I'm sure if it were a person, it'd have a great personality, but to me, it'll be that annoying person who looks really attractive, but has that annoying nasal voice, like Fran Drescher from The Nanny back in the 90's. The only good thing in that show was the butler, Niles, played by Daniel Davis. He's got an awesome voice. But I digress.

So yeah, I dislike reading. To the point where I generally don't proof-reading my own material (:D :D :D). If I had the choice between reading an 800-page report and stabbing my eyes with an active soldering iron, I would choose reading the 800-page report because I don't hate it that much. But I do dislike it.

So since 21 May, I've been reading. Heaps. I've been given information by doctors and suggested to look up certain things. I've read so much over the last week, that I've finally given up on learning any more there is to learn. It's gotten that bad for me. I'm willing to listen to someone's 5 minute presentation that has bullet points, but if someone gives me information to 'read' and to check out, I'm just gonna chuck the paper into a newly-formed tray labelled "Shit I should be reading, but CBF'd."

I weighed myself today - I've lost weight. At the start of the year, I was ~115kg. I decided to weigh myself because the hole in my belt I usually used was 2 places away. I'm now at 104. I don't think my eating habits have changed. I mean, I had KFC tonight with the family. And aside from all the ethical arguments that could arise from that about chickens and how much cancer there is in a KFC piece, that's going to help me gain the 10kg back, right?

I'm unsure whether to call it 'weight loss' or 'the conversion of mass'. Because weight loss is somewhat expected in most medical cases. But at the same time, prematurely-formed cells are made and the fairy princess of cell equilibrium decides to take a permanent 'absent without leave' in the hopes that someone else will fix up what's going on with the body; so weight is lost, cancer cells are gained. At least, I think that's how it goes. To be honest, at this time (0003 on 02/06/12), I cbf'd checking if that's true. I can't even be bothered proof-reading this blog. Leave a comment if I made a mistake.

After absorbing so much information and having so many people getting all up in my business & giving me their input, my 'productive' mind has shut down for the weekend. I've got an Indiegogo campaign to do up, but that'll wait until Monday. I've got some videos that need to be made, but that'll wait until Monday. My mind now has a "back in 3 days" note on it. It needs its rest.

In other news, I have a pot-luck dinner to prepare for tomorrow night. And a roast on Monday night with an old work colleague. While that may not sound like much to others, that's a shitload of prep work for me to worry about. But I'm looking forward to it - the household hasn't had a roast (that I can recall) so it'll be cool to have everyone together and have my friend Sam there too. Two awesome dinners in the space of 3 days.

A PayPal donation system has been set up, under advisement of my personal boss, Sally. I hate doing this sort of thing, but it's gonna help. Not a lot is needed, $5 - $10 if there's anything spare. This is that 'embarrassed' part I was talking about in my previous post.

Mental note - finish videos and photos.

-Shift-F7 / Taters

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